Orthodontist vs DIY Orthodontics

4 Reasons to Pass on DIY Orthodontics

One of the big changes in recent years is DIY Orthodontics. The invention of invisible aligners changed the game when it came to orthodontic care and now companies are providing a service of aligners sent to your home by mail without having to see a professional orthodontist. We have all seen the TV commercials and if you are currently considering invisible aligners there are a few reasons you may want to pass on DIY orthodontics and go with a more standard approach. 


  1. Doctor Consultation- One of the big differences between DIY orthodontics and a traditional Orthodontist is the initial consultation. There is a lot that goes into determining the right solution for you. Depending on your bite, wisdom teeth, and molars invisible aligners can be carefully monitored for more detailed movements. A trained orthodontist like Dr. Larrabee will be able to create a specific plan for you and your needs. 
  2. Ability to Change Treatment- In the same light depending on how your body and teeth react to treatment, there might be a time where additional treatments can be considered like appliance therapy. A DIY orthodontic routine is not as flexible and personal as a dedicated Doctors approach. 
  3. Experienced Team- Dr. Larrabee has over 15 years of experience with orthodontic care. His experience alone is a huge differentiator compared to DIY Orthodontics. Our staff has the experience to define your needs, be there throughout the process, and discuss with you the entire process. 
  4. Maintenance Plan- Last but most certainly not least. One of the most important parts of maintaining your new smile is maintenance. No one wants to spend money on the smile of their dreams only to have it revert back to your previous smile. An orthodontist will be able to help you maintain your smile and educate you on how to take care of your new smile. 

Whether you decide to go with DIY orthodontics or see a professional the choice is yours, however, we hope that you do your research. If you have any questions about Invisalign or other orthodontic care we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

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