First Orthodontist Consultation
So you’ve decided it’s time to straighten your teeth. No one should hide their smile, after all. But where do you start? You’ve heard about Invisalign and how it has become one of the most popular orthodontic solutions these days. But you still have some nagging questions that need to be answered first. Some of these being, how long do you usually have Invisalign aligners for? Will aligners do the trick? Do I wear them
Invisalign or Clear Aligners
You can use your smile to change the world. But do you need to change your smile? A smile is a curve that sets everything straight, and having straight teeth can help with your self-confidence as you shine your light on the world with your pearly whites. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you need Invisalign, the “invisible”, custom-fit removable aligners that are an easy alternative to braces. Perhaps you’ve gotten accustomed to the way
Invisalign and Wisdom Teeth
Being a parent is a challenging job! Just when you think you’ve made it through the tough, early years with little to no sleep, along come sleepless nights spent worrying if you’re making the right decision investing in your child’s teeth and addressing any dental concerns early on in their young adulthood.  ‘How long do you have to wear Invisalign?’ is a question that we often get asked – not just by parents, but also
Crooked smile? No problem. These days there are many options to help straighten your teeth and brighten your smile. Painful metal braces aren’t your only option anymore.  This is good news, especially for adults who would prefer not to wear standard metal braces. Cosmetic dental treatments have improved drastically over the last couple of years, both in quality and cost.  Your smile is such a prominent and important feature, and if you have a crooked
Orthodontist History
Have you ever wondered where braces came from, how past centuries dealt with orthodontic care, or even where the word orthodontics comes from? We see a lot of curious kids, teens, and adults in our Mesa and Chandler Arizona offices and sometimes we are even stumped by these questions! We did some research, and we learned a few things about the history of orthodontics, and we hope you learn something new too! Braces were invented