Best time of year for invisalign
Making the decision between getting Invisalign for teens or braces can be a bit daunting. When’s the right time to get them? Is one better over the other? Should I wait until they are older? Trying to decide what works best for your teen requires a bit of planning and plenty of discussion with both your teen and your orthodontist. Invisalign For Teens VS. Traditional Braces: Timing Matters One of the most common questions parents
flu season and invisalign
Caring for your Invisalign aligners during flu season doesn’t usually cross a patient’s mind unless they become ill. While those with traditional braces don’t have many steps they need to add to their usual wellness routine during this time of year, those with removable aligners need to keep a few extra things in mind when it comes to not only using but caring for their aligners and remaining healthy. 3 Tips for Caring for Your
Teen Invisalign
Is Invisalign for teens? The general answer is yes! Invisalign is the name for an orthodontic system in which a series of plastic aligners are designed to correct crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. Invisalign works well for responsible teens who can follow a treatment plan and care for aligners. Moreover, Invisalign is less disruptive to your teen’s schedule, eating habits, and social life. Braces Versus Invisalign for Teens Conventional braces include two main parts –
Braces for child
Many parents look at their child’s crooked teeth and wonder if it’s the right time to get braces. Therein lies the popular question orthodontists often get is; “is it better to get braces younger or older?” The answer is complicated. There are several factors that go into an orthodontist’s recommendation of when to get braces. Is it Better to get Braces Younger or Older: Major Factors to Consider There are tradeoffs to starting treatment in
Invisalign Process
It’s common knowledge that Invisalign is a preferred method when compared to traditional braces. However, one common question patients ask is, “how does the Invisalign process work?” Most patients are familiar with the processes of conventional wire braces, so they wonder how the Invisalign process is different. The two methods involve very different approaches. That said, it’s essential to walk through each step, so patients are fully informed on how the Invisalign process works. The