Invisalign Express in Mesa

It is a common occurrence during our orthodontic consultations for a patient to tell us they’ve had shifting or their teeth are no longer straight after they stopped wearing their retainers. Invisalign Express allows us to treat the front teeth that are no longer aligned in as little as 3 months!

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Am I a Candidate?

Invisalign Express is a fast, comfortable treatment that is meant to quickly and effectively align a patient’s teeth. It is often most effective for patients who only require a small amount of tooth movement. Patients looking to improve minor gaps in their teeth, or mild alignment issues are good candidates.

Treatment Time

Comprehensive Invisalign treatments can average between 12-24 months depending on the complexity of the treatment. With Invisalign Express, patients can correct minor shifting or spacing in 3-6 months!

How to Get Started

To get started with Invisalign Express, the first step is to schedule your complimentary consultation. When you meet with Dr. Larrabee or Dr. Sharma, they will do an oral exam, take a 3D x-ray and develop a treatment plan to meet your specific orthodontic needs. Should treatment be recommended, we’re happy to get you started with a digital scan the same day at our offices in Mesa and Chandler!