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invisalign after care

Life after Invisalign

We talk a lot about what Invisalign is, how it’s different from braces, and all the benefits of choosing Invisalign for your new smile, however, one of the things that many patients overlook is the aftercare. Without proper aftercare, teeth can shift and alter your desired result. At Advanced Orthodontics we want your new smile to last a lifetime. It’s an investment and utilizing proper aftercare ensures the teeth to set correctly and last for the long term.


What to Expect when I’ve finished my Invisible Aligners?

Once you make it to your last round of aligners there will be a retainer set made. These trays are made specifically to hold your final result in place and should be worn regularly. To begin you will be wearing your retainer set most of the day and night. After about 3-6 months you will be able to move to nightly. For best results, we encourage wearing retainers nightly for as long as you want to keep your perfect smile.


What happens if my teeth shift?

Your teeth shouldn’t experience any noticeable shifting if you are wearing your invisible retainers according to the doctor’s instructions. If after sporadic aligner tray use you experience shifting it is possible, we can create additional trays to correct those issues, however, that would be at an additional cost. The importance of wearing your retainers regularly cannot be stressed. While it may seem cumbersome it is essential to sustain your beautiful smile for years to come.

To learn more about getting started with Invisalign contact us today. We are happy to get you in for your first appointment, help you navigate the options, and be on your way to a new beautiful smile.

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What to Expect From Your First Orthodontist Appointment?

You have decided to take the first step towards a new smile, so what should you expect from your first orthodontist appointment?

  • Consultation- The first thing we will do on your first ever appointment is have a consultation. This will often include a physical examination of your mouth, 3D x-rays, and a conversation about your desired end result. We may also take digital scans of your mouth for virtual. We will also discuss pricing options and time frame of achieving that desired result. Dr. Larabee works to make sure any fears are quelled and you are excited to come back to the orthodontist! Learn more about our consultation options.
  • Education- A big part of any appointment with us is education. We strive to make sure you feel well educated on exactly what you need to do to achieve your desired result. We know that orthodontics are an investment and we want you to love your result. We will discuss everything you need to know about eating and drinking, caring for your aligners, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Getting Started the Same Day- We encourage all of our patients get started with treatment the day of their consultation. We’ll find a payment option that works for your budget, you will be able to review your contract and collect the initial payment. If choosing Invisalign we will send the digital scan to Invisalign and Dr. Larrabee will start the prescription process for their custom smile. If you decide our high-tech braces are a better fit, we can place brackets and wires that day as well.

The Advanced Orthodontics Difference

Conveniently located in Chandler, Arizona and Mesa, Arizona, Advanced Orthodontics is your local destination for quality orthodontic care for yourself or your family. We offer both early morning and late evening appointments to make it easy to fit into your schedule. Our office is full of a fun including an amazing staff, flat screen tv’s, and snacks to help make you feel a little more at ease. Check us out today.

Do I Need Advanced Orthodontic Care?

When it comes to your smile we understand how it can really change the way you feel about yourself overall. Whether you are self-conscious of your teeth or just looking for corrective care, orthodontics can make a huge difference in your future.

So how do you know if you need advanced orthodontic care? Every case is different and at Advanced Orthodontics here in Arizona, we have seen it all. Specializing in Invisalign for all ages, high tech braces, and accelerated treatment there is an option available for you.

Some of the most common issues we see are:

  • Under or Over bite- a condition where your Jaw causes your bite to either fall to far back or forward in your mouth.
  • Gaps- When gaps form in your smile only orthodontics can close them
  • Crowding- Teeth crowding is a common issue, when your teeth come in too close together for the amount of space in the jaw.
  • Overlapping or Crookedness- Probably the most common issue aside from gaps in teeth we see is general crookedness.


Orthodontic Solutions

  • Invisalign– Invisalign is a series of invisible aligners created specifically for you to slowly straighten your teeth over time. Each aligner brings your smile straighter and straighter.
  • Accelerated Treatment– With a product like Propel we are able to stimulate the gums and actually speed up your treatment. Learn more about accelerated orthodontic treatment.

If you are considering orthodontic care for yourself or your child come in and visit us at our Chandler, Arizona or Mesa, Arizona locations. We also suggest reading up on What to Expect from your first Orthodontist Visit to feel more comfortable with the process! We hope to see you soon.

Orthodontist vs DIY Orthodontics

4 Reasons to Pass on DIY Orthodontics

One of the big changes in recent years is DIY Orthodontics. The invention of invisible aligners changed the game when it came to orthodontic care and now companies are providing a service of aligners sent to your home by mail without having to see a professional orthodontist. We have all seen the TV commercials and if you are currently considering invisible aligners there are a few reasons you may want to pass on DIY orthodontics and go with a more standard approach. 


  1. Doctor Consultation- One of the big differences between DIY orthodontics and a traditional Orthodontist is the initial consultation. There is a lot that goes into determining the right solution for you. Depending on your bite, wisdom teeth, and molars invisible aligners can be carefully monitored for more detailed movements. A trained orthodontist like Dr. Larrabee will be able to create a specific plan for you and your needs.

  2. Ability to Change Treatment- In the same light depending on how your body and teeth react to treatment, there might be a time where additional treatments can be considered like appliance therapy. A DIY orthodontic routine is not as flexible and personal as a dedicated Doctors approach.

  3. Experienced Team- Dr. Larrabee has over 15 years of experience with orthodontic care. His experience alone is a huge differentiator compared to DIY Orthodontics. Our staff has the experience to define your needs, be there throughout the process, and discuss with you the entire process.

  4. Maintenance Plan- Last but most certainly not least. One of the most important parts of maintaining your new smile is maintenance. No one wants to spend money on the smile of their dreams only to have it revert back to your previous smile. An orthodontist will be able to help you maintain your smile and educate you on how to take care of your new smile. 

Whether you decide to go with DIY orthodontics or see a professional the choice is yours, however, we hope that you do your research. If you have any questions about Invisalign or other orthodontic care we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

Child Orthodontics

Orthodontics for Children: Signs Your Kid Needs Braces or Orthodontic Care

Children’s Orthodontics is something you may have already considered, bringing you to this article. As with any decision you have to make about your child, there are a lot of opinions out there. We know you want to do what’s best for your child and that is why at Advanced Orthodontics our expert Team has experience from kids as young as 7 to adults. We are here to help you make the right decision for your child and provide you as much information as you need to feel comfortable with orthodontic care.

Some things that you may look out for that could make your child a good candidate for braces or other orthodontic intervention, include:


  • Thumb Sucking– One of the common causes for dental issues in young children are incessant thumb sucking, or even pacifier use. When your child copes with either of these methods it causes the teeth to come in, in a manner that lends itself to overbites and other issues. The good news is once you ween your child off thumb sucking early intervention can repair the dental issues and set them up for a lifetime full of healthy smiles.

  • Crowding- Another issue you may notice as your child’s teeth begin to come in is crowding. If teeth are overlapping, coming in behind each other, or turning as they come in there is a good chance your child will need intervention for a straighter smile.

  • Gaps- The opposite of crowding is gaps in teeth, while these may close over time many children develop a permanent gap between their two front teeth. While these gaps don’t necessarily post a health issue, they can cause self-consciousness over time. The best time to get ahead of that is to have your child complete orthodontic care as early as possible.

  • Overbite- The last of the most common issues we see in young children is an overbite. An overbite is where the top set of teeth stick out much farther than the bottom set. This can cause jaw issues down the line. By aligning the teeth both top and bottom we correct the issue and help with overall dental health in the long run. 


If you suspect your child has any of the above issues, come in for a free consultation. We will address all the issues we see, discuss your options as far as Invisalign for teens or traditional braces. Call 480-405-3719 to schedule today.