Invisalign is designed to help align teeth and correct improper bite and jaw issues, all with “invisible”, custom fit, removable aligners. At Advanced Orthodontics’, our providers are a TOP 1% provider of Invisalign and Invisalign teen. As an alternative to braces, Invisalign offers the ability to remove your aligners for eating, drinking and cleaning. Allow us to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted without anyone noticing!

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Custom Aligners

Advanced Orthodontics uses a 3D Image Itero intra-oral scan to record all the little nuances of your smile and treatment needs before creating your custom aligners. He then uses this information to work closely with Invisalign, determining the movements need to create your smile.


Get the smile you’ve always wanted without anyone noticing, with Invisalign’s clear, custom aligners. Unlike braces, where brackets are attached to the teeth, Invisalign fits snugly to your teeth and allow you to correct your smile even more discreetly.

Easily Removed

Invisalign aligners are easily removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Unlike braces, there are no restrictions on the type of foods you can eat, helping to minimize inconveniences attached to traditional treatments.

Impression Free

Advanced Orthodontics takes all photos, scans and treatment assessments digitally. This means no horrible, goopy impressions for both upper and lower arches of teeth. Our free 3D intra-oral scans are found to be more accurate, more efficient and more comfortable for creating perfect smiles.

Treatment Process

A personalized treatment plan for you and your smile is created in a series of steps. We begin by addressing all of your initial concerns at your complimentary consultation and then develops a treatment plan with Invisalign using your in-office pictures along with 3D digital scans. We continue to work closely with Invisalign to create a series of clear custom trays specific to your needs, designed to help your teeth move in the desired direction throughout the treatment process. Depending on the movements being done with the trays, aligners are worn for 4-7 days each before advancing to the next. Once your treatment is complete, a custom retainer will be made to help keep your new, personalized smile in tact.

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Take a look at what our patients are saying about Advanced Orthodontics:

  • Dr. Larrabee and his staff were friendly, understanding, and helpful from start to finish. I was impressed by their knowledge and state of the art technology.

    Lyndsay Z. 

  • Dr. Larrabee and crew offer the finest, most caring experience I’ve ever seen in a dental-related office. I can attest to the fantastic attitude and excellence in patient interaction that everyone at Dr. Larrabee’s office demonstrates.

    Joe S. 

  • Invisalign trays made for a pleasant experience and as an adult the experience was well worth doing. It’s never too late to straighten teeth.

    Janice S. 

  • Dr. Larrabee and his staff are very friendly and professional. Invisalign allowed me as a 55 year old professional to resolve the issue of a lower incision without anyone knowing that I was having orthodontic work done. The results were excellent.

    Mike K. 

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