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How to Clean Clear Retainers: Home Care Tips for Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners are the orthodontic treatment of choice for most people, mainly because they’re so much easier to deal with than traditional braces.

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to spend time each day taking care of and cleaning them.

Today, you’ll learn how to clean clear retainers to keep your aligners in good working order and maintain healthy and decay-free teeth.

How to Clean Clear Retainers – A Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

It all starts with asking the question: “Where can I find orthodontics near me?” Before you know it, you’ve found an orthodontist you love and are scheduling your appointments to receive Invisalign braces.

Once you receive your aligners, your orthodontic team will demonstrate how to clean your new clear retainers. Doing so daily is important in order to remove bacteria, prevent plaque build-up in/on the aligners, and ensure there are no food particles left in them.

If aligners aren’t cared for properly, it can potentially lead to:

Here’s how to clean your Invisalign aligners.

How to Care for and Clean Your Clear Retainers

  1. Remove the aligners and rinse them with lukewarm water.
  2. Run warm water over your toothbrush bristles to soften them.
  3. Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste (or even less) on your toothbrush.
  4. Using circular motions, brush the inside and outside of each aligner thoroughly.
  5. Rinse the aligners again.
  6. If you notice plaque build-up (it will make your aligners appear cloudy), soak the retainers in denture cleaning solution or use the Invisalign Cleaning System.
  7. Once cleaned, you can put the aligners back in or put them in the case to dry.

Take Care of Your Teeth Now to Keep Them Healthy and Strong Down the Road

If you (or your kids – whoever is wearing the aligners) want to keep your teeth healthy and strong down the road, you need to take care of them now.

The great thing about Invisalign aligners is that they’re incredibly easy to clean. Cleaning them will add just a couple minutes a day to your existing dental hygiene routine. The benefits though, can last a lifetime.

Seeing how to clean clear aligners may benefit you or your teen more than just reading about it. Would you like a refresher demo? Contact us today. Our team will be happy to explain how to properly care for, clean, and store your aligners.

Teen Invsalign Arizona

What Are Removable Braces? Are They Recommended for Teens?

Traditional braces aren’t the braces of choice for most dentists anymore.

These days, dentists and orthodontists recommend removable braces, like Invisalign aligners.

Is this really the best option though? Should you and your family invest in Invisalign for teens?

Read on to find out why clear aligners are so popular among dentists, orthodontists, parents, and teens alike.

Removable Braces – How They Differ from Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are made of metal brackets and wires, held in place by a small door mechanism. They are bonded to the teeth, thereby making them semi-permanent, at least until your orthodontist removes them.

Removable braces are aligners made of strong plastic resembling whitening trays. They’re worn for most of the day, except when you eat or engage in your oral hygiene routine.

Why should you choose Invisalign over traditional braces? They align the teeth faster, are more comfortable, and of course, they’re removable.

The Benefits of Removable Invisalign for Teens

Removable braces are a great option for teens for multiple reasons.

First, they’re easy to clean and their removability makes it easier to brush and floss. In fact, the difficulty of homecare caused by traditional braces makes some kids avoid cleaning their teeth at all.

Second, they tend to move the teeth faster and with less discomfort than traditional braces, which everyone loves (especially teens).

Another reason why Invisalign is such a great option for teens is that they’re able to be removed for special occasions, those occasions when the last thing a teen wants to think about is something on their teeth. Times like:

  • School pictures
  • School dances
  • Graduation
  • Parties

Clear Aligner Instructions – Why Follow Them?

Can an orthodontic patient remove their clear aligners whenever they want to? Such a question is a loaded one. The answer is yes and no.

Yes, you can remove them to eat, clean your teeth, and for special events. For the most part, though, you’ll want to keep the aligners in place to achieve the results you want in the quickest timeline.

The team at your Arizona orthodontic center will tell you just how many hours a day you need to wear them for the best results (typically, 20+ hours a day). The longer you wear the aligners, the faster you’ll see progress.

The great thing about removable braces is that even though you need to wear them for most of the day, you still get to remove them at important times. You can’t say that about traditional braces!

Would you like to know if Invisalign for teens is the right choice? Contact us today to set up a consultation and smile assessment.

Do I Need Braces

Do I Need Braces? Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time for Orthodontic Treatment

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself: Do I need braces?

If you’re like many people, you might compare your smile to that of famous performers or models and see some room for improvement.

However, a pretty smile isn’t the only reason why you might need orthodontic treatment.

Today, you’ll learn about some tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time to talk to an orthodontist about Invisalign.

Do I Need Braces? How to Tell If It’s Time for Orthodontics

If you’ve been asking that question recently – for yourself or your teen – you need to know some of the signs that could indicate that you need orthodontic treatment.

Besides having crooked teeth, you might notice that:

  • Your teeth are crowded together, making it difficult to floss and brush them properly
  • You experience tooth sensitivity, which could be a sign of misalignment
  • You have gaps between your teeth
  • You’re constantly biting your cheek
  • You have speech issues
  • You have jaw pain, which can be a sign that you have TMJ disorder (a painful condition that can thankfully be treated with orthodontics).

Why You Should Consider Invisalign Aligners Instead of Traditional Braces

If you notice any of the above symptoms and decide that braces are a good idea, what kind should you get?

Traditional braces, or metal braces, have been the go-to for years. These days, though, Invisalign has gained traction and is now the top alignment option for most orthodontists.

The reason for this is three-fold.

First, these aligners are nearly invisible. If you’re like most people, getting beautiful, straight teeth without having to wear a bunch of metal in your mouth is ideal.

Second, they’re easier to clean and make brushing and flossing so much easier.

Finally, you can get faster results. In some cases, patients can see an improvement in a year, as opposed to two or three years with traditional braces.

Are You Ready for a Beautiful, Straight Smile? Contact Us Right Away!

Do you have some of the signs that braces or aligners would be a good fit for you or your teen? Contact Advanced Orthodontics located in Mesa & Chandler Arizona to schedule a consultation.

Your orthodontic team will evaluate your dentition, as well as your jawbones, to see what treatment is going to be best for your unique needs.

In some cases, Invisalign or Invisalign for teens is all the treatment that’s necessary. However, some cases are more complex, in which case, your dental team will recommend the best treatment options.

If you’re ready for a straighter, more beautiful smile, as well as improved dental function, talk to the team at Advanced Orthodontics to learn more about what’s involved in the orthodontic process.

Would you like to learn more about Invisalign and whether you’re a good candidate for orthodontic treatment? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and evaluation.

Invisalign Before and Afters: By Dr. Larrabee and Advanced Orthodontics of Arizona

One of the most rewarding things about our job here at Advanced Orthodontics, is seeing not only smiles transform but our patients gain confidence and pride in themselves. Having a beautiful smile allows you to put your best foot forward as you move through life and we couldn’t be happier to be able to make that happen for the people of Mesa and Chandler Arizona.

We have Invisalign options for both Adults and Teens and are capable of giving you a custom plan to achieve your perfect outcome.

If you are considering Invisalign one of the things you might be interested in is seeing our results, and they really do speak for themselves. Take a look at some of our favorite before and afters:

Invisalign before and after 1Invisalign Before and Afters 2

Invisalign Before and Afters 3

As you can see the transformations are incredible. If you are interested in a new smile with Invisalign, or would like to learn more information about how our process works we would be happy to schedule a consultation with you or show you around one of our two locations in Mesa, Arizona or Chandler Arizona.

Invisalign or Clear Aligners

What’s The Difference Between Clear Aligners & Invisalign?

When researching your options related to dental care there is a lot of terminology to learn. As you begin your research on orthodontic care, clear and invisible aligners most likely come up as solutions. You might be asking yourself is there a difference between clear aligners and Invisalign?

In short, Invisalign is a brand of invisible aligners. And Invisible aligners are a catch all term for traditional metal brace alternatives, including DIY Orthodontics.

The reason we utilize Invisalign at Advanced Orthodontics is their patented product which utilizes SmartTrack Material®, making them easier to put on and take off as well as accelerate results. Not all invisible aligners are created equal and Invisalign has proven itself to be the best of the best treating over 6 million smiles including 1.4 million teens. Invisalign is so dedicated to teen orthodontics, they introduced Invisalign for Teens in 2008 customizing their invisible aligners.

At Advanced Orthodontics we are committed to bringing the best orthodontic care to our patients in the Mesa Arizona, and Gilbert Arizona areas. Making sure our patients have access to the most advanced technology when it comes to their smile is something we are truly passionate about. Whether you are looking for Invisalign for Adults, Invisalign for Teens, or to get more information about orthodontics for your child, our friendly staff have the experience to help you make the right decision.

For more information on Invisalign or our Arizona Orthodontist Office, give us a call at 480.405.3754 or fill out our quick contact form and be on your way to a better smile!