invisalign after care

Life after Invisalign

We talk a lot about what Invisalign is, how it’s different from braces, and all the benefits of choosing Invisalign for your new smile, however, one of the things that many patients overlook is the aftercare. Without proper aftercare, teeth can shift and alter your desired result. At Advanced Orthodontics we want your new smile to last a lifetime. It’s an investment and utilizing proper aftercare ensures the teeth to set correctly and last for the long term.


What to Expect when I’ve finished my Invisible Aligners?

Once you make it to your last round of aligners there will be a retainer set made. These trays are made specifically to hold your final result in place and should be worn regularly. To begin you will be wearing your retainer set most of the day and night. After about 3-6 months you will be able to move to nightly. For best results, we encourage wearing retainers nightly for as long as you want to keep your perfect smile.


What happens if my teeth shift?

Your teeth shouldn’t experience any noticeable shifting if you are wearing your invisible retainers according to the doctor’s instructions. If after sporadic aligner tray use you experience shifting it is possible, we can create additional trays to correct those issues, however, that would be at an additional cost. The importance of wearing your retainers regularly cannot be stressed. While it may seem cumbersome it is essential to sustain your beautiful smile for years to come.

To learn more about getting started with Invisalign contact us today. We are happy to get you in for your first appointment, help you navigate the options, and be on your way to a new beautiful smile.

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