First Orthodontist Consultation

What to Expect as Part of Your Free Orthodontic Consultation?

When an office advertises a free orthodontic consultation, most individuals who are new to orthodontics don’t understand what that entails. While the word free is a great way to capture your attention, you’re going to want to know what you are getting into when you decide to sign up for that free consultation.   

Things to Expect from a Free Orthodontic Consultation  

Suppose you’ve never had a free orthodontic consultation before, whether virtually or in-house, you may not know what to expect. To help you get more familiar with the process, here are four things you can expect from most free Invisalign consultations or free consultations for braces:  

  1. You Get a Chance to Get to Know the Team

One of the primary purposes of a free orthodontic consultation is to allow potential new patients the opportunity to get to know the team that will be involved in their care. For some offices, that will mean talking one-on-one with the orthodontist, while other offices may include everyone from the reception staff and nursing staff in the introductory consultation. 

Again, the point is to feel comfortable with those involved in your care and get you familiar with the office and its in-house workings.  

  1. You Can Have Your Questions Answered

Not only are these consultations designed to welcome you to the office, but they are intended to give you a chance to ask questions you may have. This is an essential step because many patients don’t know what exactly orthodontia consists of.  

This consultation allows you to talk about any question, concerns, or insecurities– whether it be about any procedures, current dental conditions, etc.  

  1. You’llHave Images Taken or Talk About the Images You Sent In 

Once you and the orthodontist have had some time to talk, the next step in the consultation will be the collection of images. Now, this will be different depending on the location and whether you’re partaking in a virtual consultation.  

Should you opt-in for a virtual consultation, the office may requestyou send photographs of your mouth or even have your latest dental x-rays sent to the office so the Orthodontist can get an idea of your current needs.  

If you chose to opt-in for an in-house consultation, then chances are you’ll have some images taken of your jaw and teeth so that the Orthodontist can assess your current conditions.  

  1. Discuss Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

With images in-hand, your orthodontist will go over the images with you. This will allow you the chance to not only understand what is happening inside your mouth but ask any additional questions you may have.  

Once the orthodontist understands your needs, they will start to outline the available treatment options available to you, allowing you to decide how you would like to proceed.  

Free Orthodontic Consultations with Advanced Orthodontics 

Here at Advanced Orthodontics, we don’t offer free orthodontic consultations simply as a method of attracting new business. We want each person who comes in to feel as if they matter above all else, and we’ve found that the best way to do that is to foster open communication from the get-go.  

That’s why we offer free Invisalign consultations and free consultations for braces both in-office and virtually – to ensure that you get your questions answered no matter what your situation may be.   

Ready for your free orthodontic consultation? Then contact us today! 

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