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You have decided to take the first step towards a new smile, so what should you expect from your first orthodontist appointment? Consultation- The first thing we will do on your first ever appointment is have a consultation. This will often include a physical examination of your mouth, 3D x-rays, and a conversation about your desired end result. We may also take digital scans of your mouth for virtual. We will also discuss pricing options
When it comes to your smile we understand how it can really change the way you feel about yourself overall. Whether you are self-conscious of your teeth or just looking for corrective care, orthodontics can make a huge difference in your future. So how do you know if you need advanced orthodontic care? Every case is different and at Advanced Orthodontics here in Arizona, we have seen it all. Specializing in Invisalign for all ages,
Orthodontist vs DIY Orthodontics
One of the big changes in recent years is DIY Orthodontics. The invention of invisible aligners changed the game when it came to orthodontic care and now companies are providing a service of aligners sent to your home by mail without having to see a professional orthodontist. We have all seen the TV commercials and if you are currently considering invisible aligners there are a few reasons you may want to pass on DIY orthodontics
Child Orthodontics
Children’s Orthodontics is something you may have already considered, bringing you to this article. As with any decision you have to make about your child, there are a lot of opinions out there. We know you want to do what’s best for your child and that is why at Advanced Orthodontics our expert Team has experience from kids as young as 7 to adults. We are here to help you make the right decision for
Scared of Orthodontist
Kids being afraid of the orthodontist is normal. They may have heard scary stories or are unsure of what their life will be after their visit. Their fear of the orthodontist shouldn’t stop them from making and going to their appointments, oral health is important for overall health. Luckily, there are ways to help soothe their fears. Listen to Their Fears No one likes to be ignored. Listening to your child’s fear will let them
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