Photograph of teenager using Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth.
INFOGRAPHIC: Getting Started with Invisalign Getting started with Invisalign at Advanced Orthodontics could not be easier. Dr. Larrabee and the Team at Advanced Orthodontics make the process as smooth as possible. See below for a comprehensive infographic that goes over the process of getting started with Invisalign at Advanced Orthodontics! The first step is to call or text the office and one of our amazing scheduling coordinators will be happy to help find a day
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Photo of two kids with sunglasses
This is a great question that many parents ask! After all, you see people of all ages wearing traditional or clear braces and it can make you wonder if age actually matters. And, in fact, it does. Getting braces as an adult is better than nothing if you need it. However, early orthodontic treatment is best for a multitude of reasons. What Is the Best Age to Start Orthodontics?  The best age to receive your
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The Holiday Season can be a busy, but exciting time! Between family gatherings and office parties, it seems there is always something on the agenda this time of year.  No one wants to worry about their smile while making all those memories! With Invisalign, Dr. Larrabee can create your amazing smile without anybody noticing. What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a custom set of clear, removable aligners that help to align teeth and correct improper bite
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Dr. Larrabee and the Advanced Orthodontics Team are passionate about putting smiles on as many faces as possible. This doesn’t end with the patients that come to see us at Advanced Orthodontics in our Mesa location or our recently-opened Chandler office! We take great pride in helping our amazing community! Phoenix Children’s Hospital Each year, Dr. Larrabee and the Advanced Orthodontics Team join our patients in raising donations for the kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
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A photo of an Advanced Orthodontics patient with sleep breathing disorders after airway expansion.
Is your child snoring at night? Do they gasp for air or breathe heavily through their mouth? These are just some of the signs of a compromised airway in a child suffering from a sleep breathing disorder. Sleep Breathing Disorders Sleep breathing disorders cause disruptive rest during the night. Children affected by a sleep breathing disorder will snore loudly, gasp for air, breathing heavily through an open mouth, or take labored pauses. While studies are
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