At Advanced Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the very latest in orthodontic technology. From our state of the art, boutique style office, 3D X-ray, and itero smile simulator, Dr. Larrabee utilizes the most modern technology to provide the most accurate diagnosis and ideal treatment possible. This technology includes our self-ligating brackets system, Empower. What are self-ligating brackets? Self-ligating brackets are bonded to the surface of your teeth. They use a small
The time has FINALLY come! You’re ready to get your braces removed and show off your perfect new smile. Now is the time to consider your retainer options. Retainers are necessary as long as you want to keep your completed smile looking perfect. Or, as Dr. Larrabee likes to say, “Retainers are for life!” What are Retainers? Retainers are a dental device that hold and maintain your teeth in a specific position following orthodontic treatment.  When your braces
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When a dentist tells you it’s time to start considering orthodontic care for your child, or when you are thinking about Invisalign for yourself, the concern of cost almost always plays a role in your decision-making process. Hand in hand with cost comes the complicated world of orthodontic insurance. Every individual’s insurance plan is unique, but we will do our best to help you navigate through it. When you call to schedule your complimentary new
At an increasing rate, we’ve had patients asking us how services with companies such as Smile Direct Club, compare to the services they receive at Advanced Orthodontics. While we can only speak to the quality of care you will receive at our office, we can give a comparison of the treatment process as described on their website. The Difference Between DIY Orthodontics and In-Office Treatment For those who aren’t familiar, Smile Direct Club and similar
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Dr. Larrabee and the American Association of Orthodontics recommend that children receive their initial evaluation from an orthodontist by the age of seven. A lot of parents, referred by their general dentist or pediatrician for a complimentary consultation, are concerned that “seven is too young to be thinking about braces?”.  By the age of seven, most children have begun to lose their primary teeth, and their adult teeth are making their way in. At this