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Teeth Shifting after Invisalign

What Causes Teeth to Shift After Orthodontic Treatment?

The hard work isn’t over once your braces have been removed or you’ve taken off your last set of Invisalign trays.

It’s still important to maintain your smile, as things can change over time. If you don’t, you could see teeth shifting back out of place and to their original position.

But why exactly does this happen? Well, there are three culprits that could be behind your shifting teeth.

3 Reasons Your Teeth Might be Shifting

If you’ve noticed your teeth have begun to shift post-orthodontic treatment, don’t panic, because it can can be fixed with the help of your orthodontist. The key is to figure out why it’s happening. And there are a few things that could be the cause, including three main ones we’ve outlined below.

1. Failing to Wear Your Retainer

After the initial treatment is over and the braces are gone, you’ll need to wear a retainer. A retainer is a device that will keep your teeth in place, allowing you to maintain your smile long after your braces have been removed. Wearing a retainer is essential to preventing a relapse and the need to get braces again.

This is, unfortunately, where many orthodontic patients go wrong. Some don’t bother to wear their retainer because they feel it’s uncomfortable, ultimately undoing all the work they’ve just had done. Luckily, there are a few different retainer options that an orthodontist can provide to make wearing a retainer easier. Each option has been shown to be effective in maintaining a straight smile.

One of the most common options these days are clear retainers, which are similar to the Invisalign trays. These are virtually undetectable when you’re wearing them, they’re comfortable, and they can be removed when eating food.

2. Treatment Was Finished Too Early

Patients are always eager to remove their braces and ditch their Invisalign, but you don’t want to end treatment too soon. Doing this means it’ll be more likely for teeth to shift back into their original position from before the orthodontic work was done. If you’re going to invest in correcting your smile, make sure it’s done right and follow the treatment plan outlined by your orthodontist.

3. Teeth Will Shift Naturally With Time

As we age, our bodies begin to change. Sometimes those changes mean our teeth begin to shift. The key to preventing this is to stay in touch with your orthodontist after your orthodontic work is done. This way, you’ll be able to work together to maintain the gorgeous smile you both worked so hard to achieve.

Visit Advanced Orthodontics to Maintain Your Smile

If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Arizona who can give you the straight smile you desire, Advanced Orthodontics would love to help. We offer Invisalign for teens and adults, as well as different retainer options for post-orthodontic treatment.

Get in touch today and schedule a free consultation to discuss a treatment plan.

How Invisalign Has Advanced in the Last 10 Years

For many people, Invisalign’s plastic aligner trays have been a preferred option to traditional braces for correcting dental issues.

They’re practically invisible and provide a safe and effective way to achieve a straighter smile. But they’ve come a long way since they were first developed!

There are a number of benefits of Invisalign, thanks to its improvements over the years.

The Latest Advancements and Benefits of Invisalign

Approved by the FDA in 1998, Invisalign has been around for quite some time. However, the treatment process has changed since then, as many advancements have been made. The benefits of Invisalign make it a preferred choice for many seeking to correct dental issues. Here’s what you should know:

1. Length of Treatment Has Decreased

When Invisalign was first introduced, the average treatment length was 12 months or longer, and the patient swapped aligner trays every two to three weeks. Now, the average treatment length is around six months because trays are changed weekly, delivering faster results. That’s significantly less time than people typically have traditional braces.

One of the other benefits of Invisalign is that it can be paired with Propel, which is a way to accelerate your treatment. Propel can help move the teeth into position up to 50% faster than just Invisalign alone, making it a safe and effective way to reduce treatment time.

2. There’s 3D Technology for Making Impressions

Making impressions of your teeth is a required step in creating your Invisalign trays. Early on, putty was used in order to develop the impression. It wasn’t always a welcome experience for orthodontic patients to go through, as the putty was unpleasant for some. Currently, the iTero 3D scanner is used to generate images of every angle of your mouth. These images are generated quickly and efficiently, making it a smoother and more accurate process.

3. Aligner Trays Have Become More Comfortable

In the past, Invisalign trays weren’t very forgiving, sometimes making them uncomfortable.  Invisalign has since implemented their patented SmartTrack material, which applies gentle, constant force to move teeth into their desired position.

One of the other benefits of Invisalign is that they’ve implemented SmartForce. These are tiny attachments that can be used to correct more difficult dental issues that typically would have required traditional braces. These attachments help the aligner trays provide additional force to move the teeth.

Visit Advanced Orthodontics for Invisalign in Arizona

Our team has years of experience in successfully correcting dental problems with the use of Invisalign as opposed to traditional braces. That means you can count on us to help deliver the beautiful smile you desire. And it all starts with a quick 30-minute appointment to get started.

Whether you’re considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, Advanced Orthodontics is happy to help. Contact us today to learn more.

First Orthodontist Consultation

What to Expect as Part of Your Free Orthodontic Consultation?

When an office advertises a free orthodontic consultation, most individuals who are new to orthodontics don’t understand what that entails. While the word free is a great way to capture your attention, you’re going to want to know what you are getting into when you decide to sign up for that free consultation.   

Things to Expect from a Free Orthodontic Consultation  

Suppose you’ve never had a free orthodontic consultation before, whether virtually or in-house, you may not know what to expect. To help you get more familiar with the process, here are four things you can expect from most free Invisalign consultations or free consultations for braces:  

  1. You Get a Chance to Get to Know the Team

One of the primary purposes of a free orthodontic consultation is to allow potential new patients the opportunity to get to know the team that will be involved in their care. For some offices, that will mean talking one-on-one with the orthodontist, while other offices may include everyone from the reception staff and nursing staff in the introductory consultation. 

Again, the point is to feel comfortable with those involved in your care and get you familiar with the office and its in-house workings.  

  1. You Can Have Your Questions Answered

Not only are these consultations designed to welcome you to the office, but they are intended to give you a chance to ask questions you may have. This is an essential step because many patients don’t know what exactly orthodontia consists of.  

This consultation allows you to talk about any question, concerns, or insecurities– whether it be about any procedures, current dental conditions, etc.  

  1. You’llHave Images Taken or Talk About the Images You Sent In 

Once you and the orthodontist have had some time to talk, the next step in the consultation will be the collection of images. Now, this will be different depending on the location and whether you’re partaking in a virtual consultation.  

Should you opt-in for a virtual consultation, the office may requestyou send photographs of your mouth or even have your latest dental x-rays sent to the office so the Orthodontist can get an idea of your current needs.  

If you chose to opt-in for an in-house consultation, then chances are you’ll have some images taken of your jaw and teeth so that the Orthodontist can assess your current conditions.  

  1. Discuss Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

With images in-hand, your orthodontist will go over the images with you. This will allow you the chance to not only understand what is happening inside your mouth but ask any additional questions you may have.  

Once the orthodontist understands your needs, they will start to outline the available treatment options available to you, allowing you to decide how you would like to proceed.  

Free Orthodontic Consultations with Advanced Orthodontics 

Here at Advanced Orthodontics, we don’t offer free orthodontic consultations simply as a method of attracting new business. We want each person who comes in to feel as if they matter above all else, and we’ve found that the best way to do that is to foster open communication from the get-go.  

That’s why we offer free Invisalign consultations and free consultations for braces both in-office and virtually – to ensure that you get your questions answered no matter what your situation may be.   

Ready for your free orthodontic consultation? Then contact us today! 

5 Things to Search for When Choosing an Orthodontist in Arizona

Whether youre looking for a Mesa orthodontist or a Chandler orthodontist – you want to make sure that the team you choose to work with checks off all the right boxes. While each patient is going to have their list of must-haves when searching for an orthodontist in Arizona, there are several items youll want to make sure you include to ensure you are working with the right team.  

5 Things to Look for When Picking an Orthodontist in Arizona 

Choosing an Arizona Orthodontist doesnt have to be a challenge. If youre not quite sure where to start on your search, then begin your checklist by ensuring that each of your options ticks off these five items: 

  1. Prioritizes COVID Safety Measures

As the COVID-19 vaccinations are distributed and the number of cases begins to decline, many orthodontists in Arizona welcome in-house visits once more. However, its imperative that the Orthodontist you choose to work with still prioritizes necessary COVID-19 safety measures to ensure the health and safety of not only their staff but each patient as well.  

  1. Virtual Consultations

While many patients are excited to begin visiting their orthodontists and other medical professionals once again, when choosing a new orthodontist in Arizona, you want to ask and see if they offer virtual consultations for those who are still a bit uncomfortable with visiting a new office in-person. 

If youre still looking for an Arizona orthodontist, ask around and see who offers new patient virtual consultations. Even better, inquire about the possibility of a free virtual consultation for new patients.   

  1. Provides an Above Average Office Experience

Once youve established that an orthodontist is safe, then its time to start investigating their office practices. When speaking to a new orthodontist, ask them about their typical procedures, how they make their patients feel comfortable, etc.  

  1. Provides the Latest and Greatest in Alignment Technology, Including Invisalign for Kids, Teens,and Adults

If youre curious about Invisalign in Arizona, then youll want to make sure that the orthodontist you choose to work with has the latest and greatest in alignment technology. While many individuals still choose to go with traditional braces, Invisalign technology has come a long way and is an excellent option for patients of all ages.  

  1. Has the Testimonials to Back Up Their Claims

One of the best ways to vet a new orthodontist in Arizona is to take some time and research what others have to say about the office, its staff, and its procedures. While many orthodontists will list their customer testimonials on their website, dont be afraid to do some sleuthing of your own and check out the officeGoogle My Business page for other customer testimonials as well.  

Choose Advanced Orthodontics for Your Arizona Orthodontist 

Choosing an orthodontist in Arizona doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With the right checklist in hand, you can easily start picking practices that meet your demands. Here at Advanced Orthodontics, we make it our business to ensure we check off all the necessary boxes for each of our patients.  

Curious how Advanced Orthodontics could help you with your dental needs? Then contact us today for more information!  

Orthdontist vs Dentist

Orthodontist vs. Dentist: Which is Best If I’m Considering Invisalign?

There are quite a few DIY Invisalign options available from brands that claim to work with certified dental professionals. With these options making it more convenient than ever to address moving/crooked teeth, patients have been wondering why they should bother going to an orthodontist or dentist to address these needs. Before diving into why you want to leave your Invisalign needs to a professional, it is essential to address the differences between an orthodontist and dentist. 

Orthodontist vs. Dentist: Are They Really All That Different? 

There are notable differences between an orthodontist and a dentist. While both professionals help to improve the look of a patients smile, here is what makes them significantly different: 

  • Dentist: Provides general care for patients. They check for signs of oral disease and hygiene problems as they can affect the patients overall health and wellbeing if gone unchecked. Dentists can also help change your smile’s appearancusing bonding, veneers, and/or crowns. 
  • Orthodontist: Specialize in moving teeth and aligning the jaw by using a variety of tools, including clear aligners (Invisalign), traditional braces, and other orthodontic appliances.  

With so many options for DIY Invisalign available, millions of patients believe its worth the investment because most of these companies claim they work with statelicensed dentists and orthodontists. Unfortunately, there is no way to know which one youll be working with, as cases are typically assigned at random.    

Why You Should Consult an Orthodontist for Your Invisalign Needs 

While DIY Invisalign may seem convenient, and even though many of these brands claim to work with licensed dentists and orthodontists, you have no real way of knowing this unless you are going into one of their offices and speaking facetoface with the professional in charge of your case – which isnt always possible.  

This is why you want to seek out and consult with your local orthodontist if you have questions regarding Invisalign. While a dentist can help give you guidance on options, they do not have the specialized training that an orthodontist does to help you find the best solution for moving your teeth or realigning your jaw. They also spot things that need to be addressed before moving your teeth – problems that you can’t see yourself or simply don’t have the training to recognize.  

A licensed orthodontist will not only guide you on what options are best for your individual needs but will show you how these options could benefit your smile through x-rays and other imaging procedures.  

Advanced Orthodontics: Your Goto Professionals for Invisalign in Arizona  

While DIY Invisalign seems like an affordable option for those looking to make a change to their smile, it doesn’t always work as you hopeThings can go wrong, and the money you’ve invested could go to waste without having the guidance of a trained professional.  

If you’re curious about Invisalign in Arizona, then the team at Advanced Orthodontics is more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. 

If you think Invisalign is right for you, then schedule your complimentary consultation today!