Smile Celebration Party

When you finish treatment with us, we love to celebrate with you by allowing you to stock up on all kinds of goodies in our Candy Cove! This is our playful way of congratulating you on your new smile and letting you load up on some of the things you couldn’t have during treatment.

Trust us when we say that completing treatment is the most exciting time of your orthodontic journey. Our patients’ happiness is clear by the huge smiles we see when treatment is finished. In an effort to reward you for being so diligent at taking care of your braces and dental hygiene, our candy wall is filled with previously-forbidden treats that you can now freely snack on!

From gummy worms to pop rocks, and everything in between, you’ll be amazed at how many delicious desserts we have to spoil you with! Be sure to snap a celebratory pic in front of the candy wall to show off your new smile!

We love seeing our patients get excited about the results they achieved after treatment with Dr. Larrabee, and celebrating this huge milestone is an Advanced Orthodontics tradition! We look forward to celebrating with you as well!