Understanding The Cost of Braces

One of the most common questions for people who are considering orthodontic treatment is how much their braces will cost. The cost of braces can vary greatly and is determined on a case by case basis. Doctor Larrabee will meet with you during your complimentary consultation, do an extensive exam and use 3D imaging technology to determine the best treatment possible for each individual patient. Below we offer some insight into how the cost of braces is calculated at Advanced Orthodontics.

How is the cost of Braces Calculated?

The type of treatment, the necessary length of treatment, and whether or not a portion of the cost will be covered by insurance are some of the many factors that determine the cost of your braces.

Type of Treatment
There are many ways to improve the quality of your smile. We think it’s important to first determine which method will achieve the best results, with minimal impact to your daily life, before we discuss the cost of braces. For example, in most cases, people find that Invisalign will help them achieve their goals and is very affordable. For patients who prefer traditional braces or who are not ideal candidates for Invisalign, Advanced Orthodontics offers self-ligating brackets and clear ceramic braces.

Dr. Larrabee uses 3D imaging technology to determine the recommended course of treatment for each individual patient. With our high-tech 3D imaging, Dr. Larrabee is able to see if braces are needed to correct bite issues, eliminate crowding, spacing or impacted teeth, or to see if any orthopedic (bone) correction is needed.

Advanced Orthodontics also uses the latest in self-ligating brackets. These brackets are smaller and more discreet and designed to minimize treatment visits, soreness, and plaque to keep your teeth as clean as possible during treatment.

Length of Treatment
Depending on our unique situation, your course of treatment may be longer or shorter than average. The length of treatment can range from 6 months to 3 years. One of the things we do as part of your complimentary consultation is assess your dental needs and provide you with an estimated length of treatment time.

If you are interested in expediting the completion of your treatment, Acceledent is a safe innovative device that can complete treatment up to 50% faster and help minimize soreness.

How much will my insurance cover?

Many dental insurance policies include orthodontic coverage to help cover the cost of braces. Because of the many different types of coverage available, we are happy to verify your orthodontic insurance benefit prior to your complimentary consultation. This allows your treatment coordinator to give you the whole financial picture and find a payment arrangement within your budget at your consultation.

What about the Cost of Adult Braces?

We love our adult patients and firmly believe you’re never too old to get the smile you deserve! At Advanced Orthodontics, we are happy to find a payment arrangement that works within your budget. With our zero percent interest payment options, you can have the smile you always wanted without a significant financial burden.

Is there a Difference between Invisalign Pricing and the Cost of Braces?

If you’re trying to make a decision between Invisalign and metal or ceramic clear braces, we understand that cost can be a factor. For our patients, there is no cost difference between Invisalign and braces. Whatever your budget, we are happy to provide the treatment option that works best for your lifestyle.

Payment Plans: How Will I Pay for My Braces?

Braces are an investment that results in a healthy and beautiful smile for the rest of your life! We never want finances to stand in the way of you getting the smile you deserve. We always offer a courtesy for paying in full at the start of your treatment or have payment options with zero percent interest. Third party financing is also available through Care Credit as well. We are also happy to accommodate your budget. Many of our patients use Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to help pay for their braces, tax-free.

If you still have questions about the cost of braces, call us (480-357-4900) to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our amazing treatment coordinators and Dr. Larrabee or click here to schedule one online.

We are happy to answer any specific questions you have and put together a treatment and financial plan that works best for you! Together, we can develop a plan to get you the straight and beautiful smile you deserve!