“Larrabee Loot” Rewards Program

larrabee lootWe appreciate our patients and love the chance to reward them for being so awesome. Reward points, or “Larrabee Loot” can be earned for having great dental hygiene, brace and tray care, fantastic grades, community service and more. The AO Rewards Hub allows patients to spend all their hard-earned “Larrabee Loot” for super cool rewards.

Dr. Larrabee and his team believe that rewarding our patients for sticking to their regiment is a great way to keep you grinning throughout your orthodontic treatment. This is why we’ve created the unique Advanced Orthodontics Rewards Program called “Larrabee Loot”!

How Can I Earn Larrabee Loot?

All of our patients are eligible for Larrabee Loot, and our prizes range from fun toys in our prize cabinet to gift cards online. Not only can you earn points for taking great care of your dental hygiene during your treatment, but students who bring in their report cards can also earn points for super grades! Additionally, we love to hear when our patients are helping to make our community a better place and will award points for community service involvement.