At Advanced Orthodontics Dr. Larrabee and his team truly realize the importance of not only creating healthy, amazing smiles but making it something an individual or family can financially accommodate. We take great pride in finding comfortable and achievable affordable payment options that are personalized to meet the exact needs of each and every smile we create! As always we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS so you can come see us with no financial worries or obligations, and leave fully-educated about the smile you want to create, but the wonderful in-house payment options available with Advanced Orthodontics, too! Be sure to ask us about our no-interest affordable payment options as well. Contact us today to start your smile creation with confidence!

If you’re wondering whether dental insurance can cover your orthodontic treatment, the answer may vary. Be sure to check out our blog post discussing the difference between dental insurance and orthodontic insurance to see what options you may have for financing you or your child’s treatment. Our in-house treatment counselor is there for you to create a customized payment plan that works for your family’s budget, and will ensure you leave with a smile!